Well After Awhile [Vinyl]
Well After Awhile [Vinyl]

Well After Awhile [Vinyl]

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"Well After Awhile" - 33" RPM LP Vinyl Record - 140G
Vinyl Color: Black

Shinyribs' debut release, Well After Awhile, answers the question that you (and conspiracy theorists) have been asking yourself for ages - "Who Built The Moon"?. Head down to the "Poor People's Store" and shake off that "East Texas Rust." 

Track Listing - SIDE A:
1. Who Built The Moon
2. Devilsong
3. Country Cool
4. Shores of Galilee
5. [if you need the] 422

Track Listing - SIDE B:
1. Poor People's Store
2. East TX Rust
3. Fisherman's Friend
4. Morning's Night
5. Change Is Gonna Come