Late Night TV Gold [CD]

Late Night TV Gold [CD]

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 Late Night TV Gold (CD)

Late Night TV Gold is filled with Caribbean organs, verbed-out distant delay vocals, chunky fatback guitars, dance hall horns, trip-trap, soul-tap, boldface bass, mellotron traced, late-night rhythms, -isms and -gasms, prisms, schisms, and chasms, this’ems and that’ems of molecular musical atoms splitting hairs and lost heirlooms.

“This record reminds me of the tortoise from the old story with the hare. It has this sort of stout, relentless march to it. It’s hopeful and resolute but pushing through resistance. I guess the world went from all hare to all tortoise so it’s less-than-surprising that you can feel the reflection of that in the songs. There is a lot of blur and shade and random splattered sinewy mop bucket melody. I like that it’s shaking hands with a lot of roots music that one doesn’t instantly associate with my voice." Russell shares.


Track Listing:
1. How The Light Knows
2. Sweetening
3. Working Woman
4. Picking Up Tears
5. Party While You Still Can
6. Rhythm Of The Night
7. Going Up Coming Down
8. Miles Reply
9. 2Me2U
10. 24 Hrs From Tulsa
11. Favorite Song
12. Late Night TV Gold

All songs written by Kevin Russell except for 24 Hrs From Tulsa written by Hal David and Burt Bacharach

Recorded, Engineered and Produced by Kevin Russell at Mezcow Home Studio | Austin, Texas 2020

Mixed by Jason Weinheimer at Fellowship Hall Sound | Little Rock, Arkansas

Mastering by Chris Longwood Mastering | Houston, Texas

Artwork by Ashton Guy

Design & Layout by Brian Auderer

(c) Mustard Lid Records 2021
Release Date: August 27, 2021